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1 Mẫu Nhật ký thực tập ngành Ngôn Ngữ Anh, Tiếng Anh

Mẫu Nhật ký thực tập ngành Ngôn Ngữ Anh, Tiếng Anh được bạn sinh viên ghi lại trong xuyên suốt 8 tuần bạn ấy đi thực tập. Các bạn tham khảo nha, rất hữu ích cho các bạn chuẩn bị bước vào kỳ đi thực tập đó.

Nếu các bạn mãi vẫn chưa tìm được đề tài hay chưa có thời gian viết báo cáo tốt nghiệp của mình thì yên tâm. Bên mình có viết bài báo cáo thực tập tiếng Anh hỗ trợ các bạn sinh viên, liên hệ mình sđt / zalo: 0973287149 để được tư vấn ngay nhé

Mẫu Nhật ký thực tập ngành Ngôn Ngữ Anh




Student ID: 1611536199

Class: 16DTA1A

Title of position: HR trainee and sale marketing support

Week 1: 17/02/2020 – 23/02/2020

Activities during the week:

1. Get acquainted with people in the HR department.

2. Learning about the company with support from Ms Vinh, our supervisor trainee.

3. Starting working with my team.

4. Joining in the training about the studying aboard program of the company.

5. Be introduced to the work that will be done during the internship.

6. Learning the principles.

Theoretical knowledge acquired:

1. Know the company’s culture.

2. Know the origin and starting point of the company:

– Hualian Real Estate was founded in 2010 as a large-scale comprehensive enterprise focusing on real estate agent business, valuation, mortgage and asset management. This is a pioneer in the field of real estate agents and related services, leading the market.

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– In 2019, officially invested in Vietnam and established Chanh Phong Real Estate Company.

– Hualian Real Estate is headquartered in China and focuses on the real estate market development. It has established several branches in downtown Wuhan, Hubei.

The business has spread throughout the Wuhan region and employs over 200 employees and is one of the largest real estate companies in the industry today. Based on Wuhan’s foundation, adhering to the Taoist management philosophy of “Self-Awareness”, occupying an important position in the domestic market and now applying this concept to Vietnam to integrate into the local culture, set up Chanh Phong Company with a professional style.

Practical skills obtained:

1. Improve my communication skills with my colleagues and my superiors.
Conclusions, notes and comments:

1. After 3 days of the first week of my internship, I realized Chanh Phong Company was working according to Chinese culture.

2. A very effective working culture that I am supported by everyone.

3. The supervisor and everyone are friendly and enthusiastic to support new people.

4. Chanh Phong Company is a young and dynamic working environment.

External supervisor signature : Date : 23/02/2020



Student ID: 1611536199

Class: 16DTA1A

Title of position: HR trainee and sale marketing support

Week 2: 24/02/2020 – 01/03/2020

Activities during the week: Week 2 to work at the company

1. Learning about the recruitment process of Ms. Vinh

– Number of employees

– Job description

– Candidate request

– Interest

2. Start creating different job postings for the company.

3. Join a social networking group to find a job and post jobs.

Theoretical knowledge acquired:

1. Attend a general meeting of the company, learn from experience through the creative ideas of people.

2. Because the company has Chinese leaders, I learned Chinese at the company.

3. Learn the information you need for a job post.

Practical skills obtained:

1. Learn to greet people from the Chinese.

2. Hone computer skills.

Conclusions, notes and comments:

1. In the second week, I started to train for recruitment.

2. Attending a company briefing helped me to gain a better understanding of the company, about the job that I would be practicing.

3. Superiors are very young so they are very psychological and always care about the opinions of employees in the company.

External supervisor signature: Date: 01/03/2020

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Student ID: 1611536199

Class: 16DTA1A

Title of position: HR trainee and sale marketing support

Week 3: 02/03/2020 – 08/03/2020

Activities during the week: Week 3 to work at the company

1. Attend a meeting organized by Ms. Vinh (supervising trainee).

– Provide suggestions on current effective recruitment practices.

– Provide fast and effective recruitment applications.

– Training for trainees to better understand the job of the position that the company is recruiting.

– Training for trainees on the process of consulting and answering questions for candidates.

– Instructions on how to answer mail for CV (Curriculum Vitae) in English.

2. Start posting my company’s job posting on the job search website.

3. Receive inquiries and CV of candidates.

4. Schedule an interview for the candidate.

5. Pick up candidates when they arrive at the company, instructing them to fill out the information sheet.

Theoretical knowledge acquired:

1. Find out more about my workplace?

2. Understand the industry company affairs back to work.

3. Learn the experiences of siblings in the company.

4. Know effective recruiting websites.

5. Attend free Chinese classes at the company taught by the teacher.

Practical skills obtained:

1. I gained the skills to edit documents on computers.

2. Better communication ability.

Conclusions, notes and comments:

1. Need to learn more cultivate.

2. Remember the necessity of department and place work.

3. Learn experience about recruiting.

4. Hone more English knowledge for myself to fit the job.

External supervisor signature : Date : 08/03/2020



Student ID: 1611536199

Class: 16DTA1A

Title of position: HR trainee and sale marketing support

Week 4: 09/03/2020 – 15/03/2020

Activities during the week: Week 4 to work at the company

1. The same work as the previous weeks.

2. Promote top job postings on recruitment sites.

3. Creating new posts helps attract more candidates.

4. Get CV of candidates, make a list in accordance with the requirements of the company.

5. Call the candidate to confirm the interview schedule.

6. Joining an interview as a practitioner to learn how to interview new candidates from the sales department manager.

7. Giving opinions when having questions and advising candidates when they have questions about the job they apply for or about the company.

8. Receive the list of candidates who pass the interview to send job offers.

9. Start attending a sales department meeting to learn about the items the company is trading.

Theoretical knowledge acquired:

1. Learn how to make questions when interviewing.

2. Learn projects about apartments of a business company.

– Customers are distributed throughout the Chinese market.

– Cooperating with over 200 organizations nationwide.

– Achieve very high annual sales.

3. Hone the counseling skills for candidates via mail.

Practical skills obtained:

1. Learn how to ask candidates.

2. Learn how to observe the candidate’s attitude towards the job.

3. Learn how to advise candidates over the phone.

Conclusions, notes and comments:

1. This week I was able to take part in the interview for new candidates so I learned a lot.

2. Need to be confident and have a more professional attitude during the interview.

3. Memorize the company’s project knowledge.

4. Shareholders learn more about the company’s projects.

External supervisor signature : Date : 15/03/2020



Student ID: 1611536199

Class: 16DTA1A

Title of position: HR trainee and sale marketing support

Week 5: 16/03/2020 – 22/03/2020

Activities during the week: Week 5 to work at the company

1. Attend company sales staff training.

2. Support sales staff to go directly to the model house.

3. Learn the company’s business strategy in the previous period.

Theoretical knowledge acquired:

1. Understand the work of the sales department.

2. Know more about the items the company is trading in.

3. Learn how to communicate with customers.

4. Quickly analyze and understand information about all real estate that the company is trading.

Practical skills obtained:

1. Actively approach potential customers.

2. Learn from the experience of calling customers who are interested in apartments.

3. Improve the ability to organize and work in teams.

Conclusions, notes and comments:

1. Learn more about business majors.

2. It is difficult to improve the knowledge and skills of a sales person.

3. Need to learn more.

4. Constantly improving knowledge for myself.

External supervisor signature: Date: 22/03/2020



Student ID: 1611536199

Class: 16DTA1A

Title of position: HR trainee and sale marketing support

Week 6: 23/03/2020 – 29/03/2020

Activities during the week: Week 6 to work at the company

1. Take the business staff to welcome guests to see the model house, to have the opportunity to communicate with foreign customers.

2. Attend a meeting to develop a new business strategy.

3. Post to find human resources for sales staff position and find potential customers for the company.

Theoretical knowledge acquired:

1. Understand more about customer needs.

2. Learn the company’s innovative ways of doing business.

3. Direct contact with foreign customers.

Practical skills obtained:

1. Increasing understanding of the operational situation of the unit.

2. Know how to analyze the actual product, compare with competitors, and get acquainted with company meetings.

3. Understand more about the properties of products that the company is trading in, improve sales consulting skills.


Conclusions, notes and comments:

1. Comply with the rules and regulations of the company.

2. New work needs practice several times to get it respond faster.

3. Often demanding customers need to be calmer in dealing with situations customer.

4. Accumulate and learn experience.

5. Hard listening and monitoring the working style of the brothers and sisters, agility manners in the assigned tasks.

External supervisor signature : Date : 29/03/2020

XEM THÊM ==> Khái niệm dịch thuật, phiên dịch, Kỹ năng phiên dịch



Student ID: 1611536199

Class: 16DTA1A

Title of position: HR trainee and sale marketing support

Week 7: 30/03/2020 – 05/04/2020

Activities during the week: Week 7 to work at the company

1. Continue with my work on personnel and sales support.

2. Feedback and messaging for candidates who are interested and in need.

3. Sort, select the application file.

4. Advice on the procedures for purchase and sale and legal procedures when transferring names, transferring apartments.

5. Manage data on quotes, contracts, customer information … and regularly monitor to supplement the necessary documents arising during the contract performance.

6. Check mail, phone … regularly to update incoming information and respond promptly.

Theoretical knowledge acquired:

1. Know a little Chinese.

2. Learn the culture of customers from abroad.

Practical skills obtained:

1. Greatly improve keyboard capabilities.

2. Learn ways to handle situations when meeting difficult candidates and customers.
Conclusions, notes and comments:

1. I have started to formulate the content of the internship with the help of Ms. Vinh and everyone in the company.

2. Received useful material for the report from Ms Vinh.
External supervisor signature: Date: 05/04/2020



Student ID: 1611536199

Class: 16DTA1A

Title of position: HR trainee and sale marketing support

Week 8: 06/04/2020 – 12/04/2020

Activities during the week: Week 8 to work at the company

1. Try to complete the assigned work.

2. Complete the invitation to interview the candidates on my list.

3. Take notes and hand over the list of customers who are interested in the company’s business items to Ms. Vinh.

4. Get company documents to complete the internship report.

Theoretical knowledge acquired:

1. Know the needs of customers.

2. Trained, equipped with knowledge and strategies about business and recruitment.
Practical skills obtained:

1. Learn how to create and use my business tactics in the company.

2. Improve the skills of persuading customers.

3. Better understand the issues related to transfer documents and apartment names.

4. Learn how to work effectively in a company.

Conclusions, notes and comments:

1. During my internship at the Company, I learned many useful things for myself.

2. The position of internship helped me train more practical skills and experience.

3. I would like to thank Mr. Duc and the brothers and sisters working at Chanh Phong Real Estate Company, especially Ms. Vinh for guiding, enthusiastically helping and enabling me to successfully complete this internship.

External supervisor signature: Date: 12/04/2020

Mẫu Outline Internship and internship report of excellence

Course for an “Internship and internship report of excellence” Jean Louis GUY (UT1 – TSE)

This teaching and all texts and documents associated with it was first developed for the Magisterial Economist Statistician of the Faculty of Economics and the Toulouse School of Economics – TSE whose first director was Jean Jacques Laffont .

Its purpose is to prepare students for assignments that may be offered to them during a placement period and to write an internship report .

The latter can be presented orally before a jury composed in particular of research professors and professionals. The exam score awarded to the student is as important as the core teaching of your course. It is therefore essential to present the conditions and modalities of a good or very good internship and those of a good or a very good report of the work done during this training period.

Chapter I – Why an internship ?

I- a- General objectives of training courses

– A – Applied training

1- Internships as “Case Studies”

2- Internships as elements of “alternating training”

3- Insertion and socialization factor

4- Training by practice

-B – General Training

5- Scientific approach and research training

6 – Development of adaptation capacities

7– Improved expression skills

8- Development of intelligences

I – b – Specific objectives

1- Choice of training and professional choices

2- Initiation to a specialization

3- Professional training through a professional activity

4- To make known the excellence of the training at the School of Economics of Toulouse

5- Improved knowledge of languages and cultures: internships abroad.

Chapter II – Internship search

1- Academic constraints and personal motivations: place of the internship, branch of activity and tasks to be completed

2- Motivations of potential employers

3- Sources of information on internship offers

4- Potential offers and spontaneous demand

5- Internship application and cover letter (and CV)

6- Internship agreement or employment contract

Chapter III – Preparation of the internship

1 -The knowledge of the company

2- The knowledge of the service concerned by the internship

3- The information of the company on the training of the student

4-The determination of the theme and subject of internship

5 – Theoretical knowledge and empirical knowledge required for the internship

XEM THÊM ==> Báo cáo thực tập Anh văn Biên phiên dịch tại công ty

Chapter IV – The internship period

1 – Length of stay, working time and mission to be accomplished

2- Human relations

3 – Learning and use of knowledge

4 – Assessment indicators

Chapter V – The internship report

1 – Objectives of the report

2- General presentation of the report

V2a-Content elements


3- Organization of text and typography

4- Dissemination of the report

5 – Evaluation of the internship and the internship report

Chapter VI – Elements for the oral presentation of an internship report

1 – Introduction: conditions of the choice of the internship, missions entrusted to the trainee and choice of the subject

2- Objective of the report

3- Means implemented to achieve these objectives

4 – Difficulties encountered and main results

5 – Academic and professional perspectives

Elements of conclusion and some empirical and theoretical references

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